Direct Cloud Connect

GlobalTap provides easy, cost-effective ways to get closer to the cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google.┬áDirect connections to AWS, Azure, and Google can reduce your network costs, while providing a consistently high-quality network that gives a better experience than an internet-based connection. GlobalTap’s cloud connect services establish a direct, private connection from your equipment to AWS, Google, or Azure. You can use direct cloud connections to form a dedicated network between your physical hardware (e.g., colocation environment, office, etc.) and public cloud resources.

Ashburn Bare Metal + AWS Direct Connect Bundle

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Amazon Direct Connect

AWS Direct Connect establishes a direct private connection from your equipment to AWS, significantly improving your connectivity to your Amazon VPC. This dedicated connection is entirely private, and complete network isolation is guaranteed. AWS Direct Connect provides a more consistent, reliable flow of data than an Internet-based connection, with no data limits on transfers.

Azure ExpressRoute

ExpressRoute provides a direct, private connection from your network into all Microsoft cloud platforms. ExpressRoute completely bypasses the public internet, so you can keep your network traffic isolated from potential threats, as well as eliminate other security concerns. Utilizing ExpressRoute can also lead to a significant cost benefit and lower TCO when transferring data to and from Azure.

Google Cloud Interconnect

Directly connect your IT infrastructure to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for high-performance, secure, and flexible connectivity to your GCP resources. This dedicated, private connection to your Google infrastructure will minimize routing complexity and network congestion. Additionally, you can significantly reduce the cost of outbound traffic between your Google VPC and premise-based resources.